21 January 2007

Good Eats: Thai Chicken Curry

This is the first in a series of home-discovered family recipes. This week: Thai Chicken Curry (red and green).

How to fail at Thai chicken curry:
  • Use generic brand spice mix from the local grocery store's "Ethnic Foods" aisle
  • Add in the whole can of coconut milk when only half is needed
  • Add parsley in place of cilantro and overdo it
  • Result: thin, soupy, parsley-flavored coconut chicken
How to succeed at Thai chicken curry:
  1. Buy curry paste (color of your choice) from your local Asian food market
  2. Add 2 tbsp curry paste into pan
  3. Add 1 can coconut milk (also from your local Asia market)
  4. Heat until boiling
  5. Add cubes of chicken breast
  6. Add 5 stalks of scallions
  7. Add a couple sprigs of cilantro to taste, along with other spices: chile powder, fish sauce, etc.
  8. Boil for several minutes until slightlythickened, stirring every few seconds

Serve with basmati rice/steamed rice. (For presentation, pack rice into a mug or round-bottomed cup. Overturn the cup quickly onto plate and tap lightly. Spoon curry over the rice cup.)



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