09 January 2007

Lies and socializing


I've been feeling pretty personal lately, mostly because this is a personal time of the year for me--the time of figuring out exactly what I'm going to make this semester about. There is a lot of rushing about seeing friends, a lot of hearing and seeing people run at each other with arms wide open (like the Creed song) while screaming in high-pitched voices (the boys do it too).

While I'm extremely glad to see my friends again, one friend and I were talking today about how strange it is that these people seem so over eager to see one another, when it's only been three weeks. A friend once told me one of those random statistics that come from nothing but rumor--or scientific study: about 60% of the everyday 10-minute conversation is a lie. Some of the lies are the kind of lie you generally think of, but others are the kind of lie where you feign interest at the story your friend is recounting about what her friend's boyfriend did to her sister's boyfriend at a club over winter vacation. Ever since my friend told me about the study, every time I engage in one of those particularly uninteresting conversations (they come at you with a breakneck pace when you've just come back from break) my mind gets caught thinking about how many lies I am telling at the moment. I sometimes wish my friend had never told me about that statistic, because I'm becoming more genuine, and simultaneously worse at socializing.


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