04 February 2007


Lately so many things have been on my mind that I'm finding it incredibly difficult to focus. Among the things I am trying to get straight are: what I'm going to do in the next three years, how I'm going to do it, and if my parents will agree what I choose to do (even if it means delaying medical school for a few years or, who knows, choosing not to go after all). I've also been consumed with how I'm going to divide my time this semester. It's so difficult to strike a balance between, well, everything.

It's the beginning-of-the-semester sorting, as usual.

I hate getting into this cycle of work that consumes me all semester-long. The substantial part of me that loves to work for the feeling of reward at work's end is appeased, but I miss the excitement of spontaneity. I've always been satisfied with a certain degree of routine in my life, but now I am beginning to tire.


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