26 February 2007

On Dreams

I always wish I can remember more of my dreams, at least of the ordinary ones--only the vivid dreams stick with me when I wake up, like the ones in which spiders are crawling on my face, or the ones involving the boy I like. The ordinary ones, though, are usually about something I am really worried about--exams, presentations, my future, the like.

Last night I think I had a dream that I was playing in an orchestra (maybe the youth orchestra of my high school days, I'm not sure). I have quite a few of these "orchestra dreams," last night especially because I had just gone to a friend's violin recital, so you could say that my neck twinged a bit with the memory of a long gone bruise. (Okay, that's melodramatic--I was never good enough to have a real bruise.)

Anyway, I seem to have been living in the past, because in my dream famous composers who are already dead kept calling into the orchestra office, and my unrecognizable friend and I were appointed to answer the calls. They were calling about pieces that they had commissioned us to play (or maybe it was the other way around--we had commissioned them to write pieces for us to play?) I remember picking up the phone and realizing that the person on the other side of the line was none other than Dmitri Shostakovich. (What good ol' Dmitri was doing calling our orchestra, I have no idea) I shoved the phone onto my friend, and had a panick attack: "There is no way I can talk to Shostakovich on the phone! He's Shostakovich! I don't know what to say to him!"

And I thought my dreams had to do with my real life worries. I guess somewhere deep down I am seriously worried about what I will possibly have to say to Shostakovich if he ever calls me up.


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