08 April 2007

Bored with work.

I'm bored with this semester. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I've learned is how to pull an argument out of thin air when I've only done half the reading, how to use a gazillion functions on my computer that I never wanted to use, and how to convert units from cgs to SI. I'm not even sure if I can do the latter.

Hoping that next semester I might learn something productive. I'm excited for my independent study to start, but also apprehensive that I'll just be completely lost without constant guidance. There is such a huge leap between introductory courses, where the TA holds your hand in every step, to the higher level courses where you're expected to take off on your own without breaking anything. Just like I went from learning the basics of a molecular orbital one semester, to having this thing called a Schrodinger equation thrown at me with variables that I've never seen before in the next. I assume this discrepancy will only feel larger when I graduate and have to figure out medical/graduate school on my own.

Only a few more weeks to go before I can do something interesting.
Happy Easter!


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