26 April 2007

One more year down, one left to go

It's that time of the year again, when I get more sleep than usual--for brain power--and spend my days camped out with all of my relevant belongings in the engineering study tower (I like it here better; the library scares me during finals). It's always a little fun, having half of my possessions spread out on a table, having an excuse to wear pajamas all day, and going on snack hunts every three hours.

Oh, but there are also these things called 3 hour tests on everything I've learned in the past 5 months. The process isn't so fun, but at the end I always feel like I've accomplished something substantial (that is, if I studied well and actually retained the info).

Waiting for that feeling, in a week + a few days from today, when I will feel free~
And also waiting for that IRB approval, so that I can actually go to China. What happens if I already have a ticket to go / already made plans with a homestay and the people at the research site, and I don't get approved to do research? Crap.


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