26 May 2007


Being lazy in Beijing. Lately I've just been hanging around with my friends and sister, watching movies, eating well, giving into our irrational urges to eat western food. It's so strange that when I'm in the U.S., I really have no desire to eat purely American food, but after being here for two weeks I suddenly want to devour a hamburger.

Teaching this past week was alright; we are adapting slowly but surely to teaching the older students. I find myself often becoming frustrated with the fact that we can't make use of our knowledge to teach them anything more advanced, like how to form a complex sentence, or even carry on a basic conversation in English. There is such a large discrepancy between the best of the best in the class and the students who have had so little learning experience that they are ashamed to utter a sentence. This difference exists in any class, for sure, but is definitely more pronounced where we are teaching.

Onto our last week of teaching and interviewing! Dreading heading back home, because then I'll have to start studying for real.


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