17 August 2007

End of Summer Thoughts

The test is over. Trying not to turn into a paranoid pre-med (although I might be already, as much as I try to deny it) and stay away from the forums about the test, but somehow I'm drawn to what other people are saying about it. It seems like everyone--at least, the people who go through the trouble to post online--feels more or less the same way about it. It was such a strange test, but, having no other experience, I can't ask for better or worse. Just crossing my fingers that when the scores come in September, I won't be devastated.

But onto the new and the exciting. Back to school in a week, and finding it difficult, in some ways, and yet am so very grateful, that it's actually the last year! I'm starting independent study in the fall, and haven't gotten around to reading the articles or doing the research I should be doing. It should be exciting, though. Speaking of things I should be doing, I should also be keeping an eye out for job opportunities for my year after graduation. What oh what am I going to do? I'd best not end up unemployed and living at home--because that would be a great thing to explain to an admissions officer.

I've been reading loads of books this summer--numbering around twenty or so--in an attempt to get my mind off MCAT and escape to the mini pleasures of the mini worlds I've created in my head. It's been a wonderful time, as I've been reading things from old fantasy books I read when I was 10, to Dickens and Michael Pollans' The Omnivore's Dilemma. The Omnivore's Dilemma is an excellent book, that everyone who wants to be at all aware of what they eat, and how the food industry really operates, should read. Especially anyone who is fully convinced that buying "organic" is truly doing good for animals, farms, and the environment. Of course, while it may not be a perfectly harmless alternative (nothing really is), it's probably the best option.

Well, it's back to work for now, after a brief respite. As terrible as I and everyone else might make it sound, studying for the MCAT is not that taxing--provided that you aren't at school or working full-time simultaneously. I spent a great deal of time lounging around my house everyday. It felt so entirely different from being at school and slaving away in the library. So, I guess I wouldn't be wrong to say that it's been, overall, a pretty great summer.


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