24 August 2007

Waiting to graduate

A short while ago, I was apprehensive at best about graduating soon. Now, I think I've more or less gotten over my apprehension. I do love college--I know I won't find such an odd combination of ambition, collective intellect, and complete irresponsibility anywhere else. But I think I'm ready to go someplace new (and being here again reminds me that I can't wait to be able to sleep without people screaming in the hall). I can't wait to begin traveling, and I wouldn't even mind working for the most part of my "year-off." Even better is the idea that my good friend recently planted in my head: I might have the option of working for half a year while I get my applications and interviews over with, and then spending the latter half of the year in Nepal on a teaching fellowship. Or anywhere in the world, really! Oh, that would be amazing.


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