21 October 2007

A bit of leisure reading

I've found another thing to occupy my attention when I am not and should be working: medical blogs. Blogs from veterans in the profession, and from rookies who have just started med school. I know, I'm probably about ten years behind on this technology fad. You'd think I would spend more time reading blogs, considering I write one that doesn't really get read. So, I'm going to start reading blogs now. The New York Times, and blogs.

If I wanted a really well-rounded base of knowledge, I would read multiple newspapers and not just the NYTimes. And maybe I would force myself to read the Business section every now and then for some information about the captivating? no, dry world of economics. But no, I'm liberal and lazy.

I've also found some great blogs from people who are or have done Teach For America (something I'm thinking about for my post-graduation plans). This is the beauty of blogs - the ability to read all the different point of views from those who are doing what I hope to be doing myself. One day I'll have one of those blogs myself. When I'm a little less lazy.


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