24 October 2007

Feeling young

There was an article in today's newspaper about the social awkwardness of entering college at a younger age than the norm. I can usually get through most of the year (except for birthdays) without remembering that I'm younger than most of my friends. I'm only a year behind, though, so I can hardly complain...one of my neighbors, I believe, is an 18 year old senior. Most of my friends have already turned 22, or are just about to, and to them, 21st birthdays are old news. At every party--okay, the two or so that I've been to this semester--my tell-tale vertical ID gives me away every time. Besides the part about maturing to the point where I am supposed to be able to handle myself around alcohol, what is there in a year?

I've also been hearing about a lot of my acquaintances from home getting married or engaged. They're all my age, but their lives seem so far ahead of mine. I'm guessing it'll be a decade or so before I get married (and at this rate, with my shyness, it'll probably be half a decade before I ever find a relationship). Granted, I'll be having a completely different set of experiences, which I am pretty sure I will love. But when the day comes that my friends now start getting married... well, this is when that year will be more than just a year to me. It'll be my full-fledged excuse.


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