17 November 2007

A not so typical day in college

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It was like no other, but it was what college should be like each and every day. More for my sake than for anyone else's, here's a brief recap:

Woke up at 10am. Piano lesson canceled today, thankfully, after a long week of piano.

10:30am. Toured the Duke Home Depot Smart Home, basically a green, environmentally-friendly, extremely high-tech live-in laboratory space for students and faculty. For a brief moment, relished in the fact that I understood what the tour guide meant when he spoke about "photovoltaic cells," and how total internal reflection allows the fiber optic cables throughout the house to transmit 10GB of data per second (can I have one too?). For a brief second, appreciated analytical chemistry. Those transient moments are the best -- when you realize that despite all the drudgery of studying for exams, there really is a point to all of the seemingly useless knowledge.

11:30am. Had lunch with two of my good friends for about two hours, making outrageous jokes about growing sugarcane in Thailand.

2pm. Stressed for a bit, trying to organize a meeting with JPMorgan via email. I've been doing a lot of emailing lately, but I enjoy it: it's such a useful ability, to be able to communicate effectively across email. So many people don't know proper email etiquette (one of my biggest pet peeves!), and I'm still in the process of learning it in all of the different situations I encounter. It's absolutely vital.

3pm. Went to lab and found out that my reaction product, basically a centimeter of yellow liquid in a test tube, had turned black. Stressed.

4:30pm. Decided to quit lab (I do this a lot, it seems), and left to get my senior portrait taken.

6pm. Went to a multicultural dinner event with several of my really close friends. Had a blast and ate amazing Korean food.

8pm. Went to Leon Fleisher's solo piano concert. Got a cd autographed for my friend, and had my picture taken with him. Excited, because he knows my name.

11pm. Took my computer over to the library (yes, on a Friday night. Is there a problem?) and talked with my good friend there for about an hour, messed around on freerice.com, snacked, and tried to clean my room.

2am. Sleep.