20 February 2008

Music makes the world brighter

Let me start off with this: I love music. Everything can go wrong in a day, you can wake up sick to your stomach, force yourself out of bed anyway, forget to eat breakfast, miss the bus, get caught in the pouring rain, fail an exam because you took it soaking wet, trip and fall on your face, screw up an experiment in lab, get annoyed by and annoy all of your friends, finally get over to the music building at the end of the day, and...

...still walk out of the practice room, hands tingling and aching, with a bounce in your step. There's very little that's greater than being caught up in the rush, the sway, the peak of a song. It's when all of your violin bows furiously fight for a grip on the string, when everyone sways together, when you look up and see the maestro looking directly at you with the most anguished look you have ever seen on anyone's face. You want to give it to him, you want to give it everything you have, but it's just not enough -- that's what music is, the most peculiar blend of pleasure and frustration. It's agonizing, it's torture, until you hit that one note, delayed by perfect fractions of a second.

Equally awesome: discovering a new band whose every song you love to death. My new band? Beirut. It's this one guy act (and his huge group of instrumentalists) who is an absolute europhile and makes music like he's a gypsy from Slovakia. But he's a 22 year old from Santa Fe, he recorded an entire album in his basement, and he plays ukulele, trumpet, piano, accordion, and I don't know what else. I love his voice, and I love the originality of his music. He definitely goes on my list along with Andrew Bird for the best musical finds of this year.


At March 24, 2008 6:42 PM, Blogger Julia said...

"delayed by perfect fractions of a second." that is really beautiful kelley!!!


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