16 April 2008

Head in the clouds

I've just discovered how much I like Radiohead--about 15 years after everyone else, and after first listening to nearly every band that came after and sounds just like them.

I liked them okay before. Paranoid Android, Nice Dream, High & Dry are some of my favorites--but somehow their twisting chord progressions never really got me hooked. Something would happen mid-song, and I'd lose interest. Prematurely? I think so.

I just found out that their newest album isn't up for download anymore. What a sad moment. The good thing is that I can always make a YouTube play list!

And now I have to go listen to 18 years' worth of music.


At April 21, 2008 5:08 PM, Blogger Freeden said...

Oh yes! The incredible build-up in Fake Plastic Trees is sometimes too much to bear. Karma Police features a great key change. I saw Radiohead live on the Berkeley campus in 2006 but a thick fog kept me from seeing the band for half the show.


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