31 July 2009

Compromising situations

I was reading a website for my grad school class on the use of technology in the classroom when I came across this excerpt, discussing the legality of fanfiction:

"Fan fiction authors can be seen as talking back to the dominant culture. They often show loyalty to a particular program such as Star Trek, but they also diverge from the television studio's plot. They sometimes celebrate minor characters who were not given prominent attention on the shows. For example, Lt. Uhura, the African-American woman who received little attention on the original Star Trek, is lavished with fan attention. For example, a subgenre of fan fiction called "slash" describes homosexual relationships between characters. Some copyright holders may not want their characters portrayed in compromising situations."

Homosexual relationships are...compromising? I can see how slash fiction isn't the most ideal use of original characters, but...compromising? Maybe I'm just reading it wrong. But it's a dangerous statement, I think.


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